Social Enterprises

PLAEP runs a social enterprise in Kitwe, Zambia to promote the wellbeing of poorly resourced low-income communities through agribusiness value chains that drive small holder farmers’ products to markets. Currently we are processing dried cassava tubers for cassava meal under the brand name, Sanshako Cassava Meal. 

Over 60% of people in Zambia are poor. Rural poverty is even higher with women carrying the heaviest burden as the major small holder farmers, working the hardest with little income to propel their growth. Millet and sorghum are grown largely by small holder farmers who receive low incomes because of low value addition. In recent years, demand for these healthy grains is increasing in Zambia, as they are gluten free, have high content of protein and antioxidants and excellent for preventing and managing health conditions like diabetes. As an organization that aims to upscale small holder farmers for improved incomes and livelihoods, this is a great opportunity to ignite economic growth for a network of over 2000 low-income women we support who are already mobilized in self-help groups. 



Nearly 60% of the 3900 Savings group members that PLAEP supports are subsistence farmers growing just enough to eat if they have farming inputs and supplementing their incomes with menial jobs which are now dwindling. How do people have enough to feed their families in this scarcity? 

COVID-19 has prompted PLAEP to scale up promoting agriculture and in particular vegetable growing as a source of income and food security. A good amount of vegetable produce was being imported into the country. However, the supply of imported produce has greatly reduced and therefore a demand for such produce is present. The communities we serve are going hungry; they have no jobs as many industries have closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vegetable growing is now an opportunity to earn income and feed the family. 


Gardening project

Sanika Designs is an artisan enterprise that trains, equips, and provides income-generating opportunities for women in Kitwe, Zambia. As one of the community outreach programs of PLAEP, Sanika works with local artisans to design and make handmade items out of chitenge (African printed fabric), as well as beautiful jewelry that combines locally available copper, semi-precious stones, and wood. Our goal is to create sustainable livelihoods for members of our community, while providing them with skills training and resources to improve the lives of their families.