Household Economic Strengthening

Community savings and lending groups

Formation of community savings and lending group using the Grassroots building Our Wealth (GROW) Self Help Groups(SHGs) model. SHGs are groups of not more than 30 people derived from poor households who have a common background, are facing similar financial constraints and are interested in improving their incomes. This model harnesses the practices of group savings in a way that requires no outside capital, only a lockable metal cash box, financial recording books, three keys and basic financial training.  

These groups thrive on trust, accountability, and transparency in all transactions. As members pool their savings on a regular basis, this forms a collective fund that is then rotated as credit amongst the members through a system of self-generated rules and norms.

  • Since 2010, over 170 groups formed in 5 towns 
  • Over 3900 active savers. Women comprise over 92% of the total membership in the groups.  
  • members 98% membership retention after each savings cycle 
  • over 86% active borrowers and savers.  
  • Total accumulated savings from all the groups exceed USD100, 000 annually.

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